It’s time to take control of your identity.

Sinbad Passport is the digital identity solution for the next generation traveller. It is one of the key products establishing the technical foundation for participants in the Sinbad ecosystem. 

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Sinbad Passport is a self-sovereign digital identity solution.

The Sinbad Passport platform is based on the digital identity framework as defined by the World Economic Forum, and follows the global standards of DiD protocols for creating decentralized identifiers.

Sinbad Passport as a Good Digital ID will support global tourism sustainability and digital transformation.
Sinbad Passport is part of the Public Sector Global Industry services; addressing Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions as the sixteenth sustainable development goal of the United Nations. Tourism Digital Identity corporate strategic project fulfills the Travel Facilitation sustainable development theme. Also, implementing the Known Traveller framework by World Economic Forum (WEF) to unlock the potential of digital identity for secure and seamless travel, as a system initiative on shaping the future of mobility. Raising innovation by giving all stakeholders the opportunity to offer creative solutions to sustainability challenges.
Creating your digital identity
has never been easier.

Decentralized Custodian Accounts.

Sinbad Passport employs a seed phrase mechanism for customers to use towards recovering their account, similar to a decentralized wallet.

Biometric Authentication.

Each user account is linked with the individual’s biometric verifiers towards accessing the application, or authenticating transactions.

A.I. powered Facial Recognition.

User’s Identity documents are run through an A.I. powered data parsing algorithm towards verifying the integrity of the documents submitted.

You decide how your identity data is shared.

Decentralized Asset Storage.

All digital assets are stored within the user’s device and never leave the owners secure database unless explicitly specified by the ID owner.

Scan and share

Identity data and digital assets are transferred peer-to-peer between the ID owner and an authorized government or commercial Sinbad partners.

Permissioned Data Sharing.

The distribution of digital assets are under the complete control of the ID owner, and need to be verified via an authentication PIN or biometric verifiers.

Massively reducing document handling across the traveller journey.

The use cases for the first phase of Sinbad Passport addresses five key pain points in the traveller’s journey as identified by the World Economic Forum.

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