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The STO launch date will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

Global Support for SDGs aligned Projects.
The World Bank has committed USD 23.5 billion through 115 projects to help developing countries find solutions to SDG-aligned challenges. It also recently released USD 181 million worth of equity-index linked sustainability bonds financed by institutional investors in Europe to support the financing of such projects.
Sinbad Passport is categorized under Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS).

IDaaS offerings are essentially subscription software-based identity and access management systems that are built and managed by a third party.

Funding to IDaaS startups is on the rise. For example, Auth0 obtained a USD 103 million Series E round in May 2019 and achieved unicorn status with a valuation of USD 1 billion. In January, OneLogin raised a USD 100 million Series D round.

Offering Dynamics
Sinbad will explore a Security Token Offering (STO) through the Sinbad Equity Token (SET) for the first round of funding towards the establishment of the Sinbad Corporate entities as well as the development of the Peer-to-Peer Tourism Ecosystem, the four investment rounds are mapped to Sinbad four layers.

Sinbad will issue the security tokens which are backed by the total value and the cash flows generated by the underlying intellectual property and value generated by the Sinbad Corporate Entity as a whole.
The Token
Smart Contract
The SET security tokens shall be ERC-1400 compatible tokens distributed via the Ethereum blockchain, and pursuant to related ERC-1400 Smart Contracts. The smart contract herein shall be audited by a trusted 3rd party from time to time, and its code & documentation will be available for investors to review on the GitHub platform.
Project Deployment Plan
Sinbad deployment plan will be carried in a four-phased approach.
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